What is the Keep Smiling Project?

Our family started the "Keep Smiling Project" in memory of my dad, Alan J. Christensen, who passed away from Leukemia in 2006.  Everyone who knew my dad, knew he never closed a letter, phone call, or visit without saying "Keep Smiling!" It was in a way his personal motto and he lived it to the fullest. We know how difficult it is to have someone you love with Cancer and we want to help other families "Keep Smiling"  through those difficult times.  Our "Keep Smiling Project"  will help families fund medical costs, living expenses, and even fun family outings or vacations to enjoy time together.

Please help by participating in some of our fundraising efforts. All time, talent, and goods for the fundraising events have been donated and 100% of the money you donate will go to help these very deserving families.

If you have a family that you would like to nominate to receive some assistance or would like to participate in our current fundraising opportunities contact us at thekeepsmilingproject@gmail.com.

Thank you!  Your support means the world to us!
                                                        Keep Smiling!
                                                                            The Hansen Family
                                                                            Clay, Jen, Millie, and Brooke

*Please note "The Keep Smiling Project" is not a licensed charity or non-profit organization. It's just our family's little way of helping people in honor of my Dad's memory.
100% of any money raised will go to help families affected by cancer and we will be openly and publicly accountable for how this money is spent so that you can share in the difference you are making by your donation.


  1. I think it is amazing what you are doing. I hope to someday help others who deal with a difference kind of disease (infertility). You are my inspiration. Thank You!

  2. Jen! You are so sweet and kind to be doing this! I am so proud to be your neice and Grandpa's Grandaughter! You are amazing and I hope to be just like you someday! I can't wait to pay off my bills for the year for dance, tithing, etc, and you will get the rest of the money for Keep Smiling in Memory and Respect of Grandpa, and respect for you!